Behind the Box of Chocolates – A Tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory

A Tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory


Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory tour is a fun way to see how the candies in your favorite box of chocolates are made.  The tour is child friendly, with steps near windows to enable young chocolate enthusiasts to have a close up view of the process.


Behind the Box of Chocolates – A Tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory

Watch how chocolates are made


Throughout the factory, there are several Curious George stuffed animals for the children to search for.  They will find him in high and low locations throughout the kitchen.  The book, Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory, is also available to purchase along with a variety of candy and ice cream inside of the store.  The family’s model train collection and mural of a village is in a room at the end of the tour and includes a searching game to find the hidden sweets among the train scene.


Behind the Box of Chocolates – A Tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory


The tour includes a short video on the history of chocolate.  The tour guide will also tell the story of how a family recipe for Pecan Rolls, which was passed down to Marie Cavanaugh, was initially used as a church fundraiser and later evolved into the business it is today.


Behind the Box of Chocolates – A Tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory


Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates have been family owned and operated since 1964.  They have six stores throughout Utah, located in Bountiful, Layton, North Salt Lake, North Ogden, Orem and West Valley City.  A new store recently opened in Spokane, WA.



Tours are provided by appointment Monday through Friday between 10 am and 3 pm at 835 Northpointe Circle in North Salt Lake.  It cost $1 per person, which includes samples.  The tour will last approximately 30 to 45 minutes.  To schedule a tour, call (801) 677-8888.

You can purchase chocolates at any of their store locations or order on-line at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Website.



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For The Love Of Chocolate


It was the common interest for the love of chocolate that brought an eclectic group of a dozen people ranging from Millennials to Baby Boomers together in a small room on the second floor of the store where hand crafted chocolate is made and sold.   AJ Wentworth, founder of the Chocolate Conspiracy explained the journey of chocolate from bean-to-bar, punctuated with samplings of a variety of chocolates from around the world throughout the evening.  The flavor of chocolate can vary based on origin, cacao content, if/how the bean is roasted and how the bean is ground and mixed. The chocolate could have fruity, nutty, earthy, or smoky flavors. The flavors unfold and change on your tongue.  The tasting experience involves paying attention to the texture, flavor and the finishing- or how it lingers in your mouth.

Wentworth explained the name, Chocolate Conspiracy, came to him as he was making a career transition.  Trained in Holistic Health Counseling, his interests gradually evolved towards a love of raw cacao beans.  When naming his new business, he thought of the Latin origin of the word “conspire” means “to breathe together”, or to do as one.  The Chocolate Conspiracy opened its doors in 2009.  They do not roast the beans in order to preserve the antioxidants, minerals and nutrients.

Chocolate does grow on trees!  Cacao beans come from the fruit (pods) of the cacao trees.  The pods need to be hand-harvested one at a time, because the pods do not fall off the tree.  After removing and opening up the pods, the cacao beans are fermented.  The beans are then dried before shipping to chocolate manufacturers.  In the manufacturing process, the beans are typically roasted.  The outer shell is removed and the cacao nibs are sorted according to size in a process called “winnowing”.  The nibs are put through a grinding process until it forms a liquid.  Blending in other flavors or ingredients take place before pouring into molds.

Utah currently has nine artisanal chocolate makers.  Wentworth stated that the dry, arid climate and elevation in Utah is ideal for making chocolate.  Bean-to-bar makers source cacao from farmers from across the globe, and create their chocolate from scratch in small batches.  A chocolatier makes confectioneries from premade chocolate.

The Conspiracy Chocolate bars can be found in local retail stores, farmer’s markets and purchased on-line.

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